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We are very excited to announce the launch of the new Tribury Construction logo and website.

Established in 1988, Tribury Construction is a premiere commercial property development firm located in the heart of Northern Ontario. As the local market leader in green construction techniques, Tribury has worked and is currently working on a range of innovative projects from residential, healthcare, institutional, education, commercial and water treatment plants.

The firm was looking to update their corporate image while still evoking the dedication and history that established clients had come to know and trust. Our challenge was to freshen up the logo to propel Tribury Construction forward while still respecting the brand that had been built. The new logo successfully embraced the past while leaning forward towards a successful future.

Tribury Construction Logo was designed and developed to showcase the professionalism and integrity that has long been associated with the company. An important aspect in creating this new website was to ensure that it was Responsive, which provides an optimal viewing experience for all users across a wide range of devices from desktop computers to mobile smart phones to tablets and anything in between. The new website blends viewer experience with important and simple functionality for Tribury Construction. The website is fully Content Managed which allows Tribury the opportunity to update any information throughout the entire website with ease and speed.

tribury.comThe design of the website utilizes the old adage of less is more as emphasis is placed on the amazing and beautiful developments that have been built by Tribury Construction. The portfolio of projects provides the visual impact to the viewer that accentuates the quality, experience and trust that Tribury Construction has earned in the construction development industry.

Tribury Construction entrusted our team to develop their new logo which will brand the company moving forward. They provided us with design freedom to produce the new website which provides all viewers (current clients, potential clients etc.) with a website experience that is visually appealing, easy to navigate and move around and most importantly simple to find what it is your looking for. We thank Tribury Construction for their trust in our abilities and we look forward to seeing more of their construction developments in Sudbury and throughout Northern Ontario and beyond.