Creative Odyssey Marketing and Design Inc.


Let the adventure begin…

Welcome to Creative Odyssey Marketing and Design Inc.

For over 20 years, we have been providing a wide range of services including: graphic design, marketing, website design & branding.

We specialize in the Corporate / Industrial sectors, Health / Wellness, as well as Retail / Tourism industries. Getting our Clients’ brand into the market in the best position, leveraging the correct connection points, and developing the necessary marketing strategies to generate the strongest possible campaign is the foundation of our business. The secret to getting ahead in your industry is to start marketing your business today. Don’t wait any longer, we look forward to working on something new and exciting with you!

Corporate & Industrial

In the fast-paced, ever changing world of business, we work with our Clients to achieve results that will last, as well as get attention and showcase their work. Let your marketing help sell your business.

Health & Wellness

Ranging from Doctors and Naturopaths to Spa and Beauty, we customize solution for every need. From fun and lively, to serious and serene, and everything in between, our work is a s varied as our Clients.

Retail & Tourism

We specialize in graphic design, marketing, website development and grading in the retail and tourism industries. Put our experience, knowledge and commitment to work for you and see the results.

Let's work together in marketing, graphic design & website

What Makes us Different?

You and your business… is what makes us different!

Creative Odyssey is looking for amazing people and companies to collaborate with and share our marketing and design knowledge. We want to work with you to develop marketing tools that not only look great, but accomplish a strategic goal and message. We strongly believe that taking a step back to look at the overall big picture is essential is developing individual pieces that tie together and bring your business to the next level.

Quite simply, we produce Creativity that Captures target audiences and ensure that a message is delivered, seen, and understood.